200W DIY RV/Boat/Marine/Home Solar Kit - 2x 100W Flexible Solar Panel + 20A MPPT controller + 500W Inverter

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With these light, flexible, solar panels, you can place them on any curved/non-flat surface to provide the power you need, where you need it. With a rated efficiency of approximately 21.5%, you'll get more electricity output for the same area. Use these flexible solar panels anywhere such as your RV, Boat, Golf Cart, Cabin, home, or anywhere you need portable power. By being 80% lighter then similiar panels, these panels are easy to setup, easy to carry, and easy to install, while the durable surface keeps them in use for years to come.


1. 2x 100W high efficiency flexible solar panel

2. 1x 20A 12V/24V high efficiency MPPT solar controller

3. 1x 500W pure wave inverter 12V/DC to 220V/AC

4. 1X 12V LED light bulb

5. 1x 6M solar cable

6. 1x 3M MC4 connector extending solar cable

7. 1x 50A Anderson plug with 2M red/black solar cable for RV/Marine/Boat rechargeable battery

8. 1x 3M red/black alligator clip for rechargeable battery

9. 1x instructional operation copy

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